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We have more than 20 years experience

By concentrating only on canvas and utilising the more than 20 years experience of our management and staff in the awning industry we can assure you of peace of mind in choosing our product. With our own manufacturing facility, quality imported components and materials, as well as, fully owner supervised installations. We aim to supply our clients with only the best quality products and service, that add beauty and value to your home or business.

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Pergola: It is an awning built on site and the material is made up in the factory. It works with rope and pulleys that you pull for it to go forward or backwards. Great for creating instant shade, covered with pure acrylic canvas and there is a wide variety to chose from.

Pram Awning: Our pram awnings have no plastic joints. The framework is aluminium ,custom built and is covered with pure acrylic canvas. There is a wide variety to chose from.

Custom Awnings

Polycarp Roof Awning: Custom designed awning to have the durability of a roof but with the look of an awning to close up areas from rain and sun.

Drop Blinds

Ribstop: Rope drop blinds with zips and we use ribstop. Works the best with zips to seal patio areas or lapas and are also available in a wide variety of colours.

Geared Drop Blind: It works with a crank handle and clips.