Custom Awnings

Quality, Sophisticated and easy to use

Sun2Shade awnings are quality products with sophisticated technology, which are easy to operate and have long durability. Be it a patio awning, window awning, conservatory awning, shade for a patio roof, sunshade or side screen, the models are designed for a variety of different purposes, offering a wide choice of colours, fabric patterns and fittings to suit your individual needs. We combine functional elegance with decorative appeal to enhance the architecture of any home or business - in addition to providing protections from the elements.

Custom Frames

Custom Frames - We can manufacture any size frame or awning in either Aluminium or steel.

Shopfront Awnings

Shopfront Awnings - If you want to attract attention to your shop, a custom shop front awning is the way to go, with specialized custom frame work.

Polycarb Roof

Polycarbonate Roof - We use Polycarbonated IRB sheeting because it is a high heat resistant sheet that still lets in natural light, but keeps out the harmful UV rays.